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Thank you to our donors

Chairman’s Circle ($50,000-$249,999)
Donna and Max Chapman
Howard and Gretchen Leach
Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg

Directors Circle ($20,000-$49,999)
Max Chapman
W.J. and Elizabeth Cornay
Susan and Mark Dalton

Diane Lokey Farb
Sakurako and William Fisher
Suzanne Hoyt
Henry and Marie-Josee Kravis
Katherine T. McCormick
Felix an Elizabeth Rohatyn

Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo

Eric and Susan Sheinberg
Ezra Zilkha


President’s Circle ($10,000-$19,999)
Helene Comfort
Warren and Judy Kaplan
Raymond Kassar
Hon. Howard and Gretchen Leach
George T. Lowy
Raoul Pujol
Michael and Paola Schulhof
Samuel W. Pray Trust



Benefactors Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
Ellen MacNeille Charles

Jean-Claude Gruffat
Brent and Lisa Harris
Robert and Francoise Meahl
Stephen Schwarzman
Craig and Dorothy Stapleton
Elizabeth Stribling & Guy Robinson
Lynn Wyatt


Inner Circle ($2,500-$4,999)
Linda F. and John A. Barrett
Mercedes Bass
James and Molly Crownover
Gary and Sylvie Crum
Nancy Dedman
D.F.K. Finlay
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet
Leo Hindrey
Richard and Barbara Lane
Jacques Maisonrouge
Tom and Charlene Marsh
Ann and Jerry Moss
John O. Siebert
T.H. Price Foundation
H. van Ameringen


Friends Circle ($1,000-$2,499)
Peggy and Arnold Amster
Alexis Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Jeffery
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lauder
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Richards
Felix and Elizabeth Rohatyn
James Ross
Rachel Rudin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schloss
Gilbert and Judy Shelton
John O. Siebert
Donald and Barbara Zucker

Patrons Circle ($500-$999)
Susan O'Donnell Davenport
Danielle Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Philips S. Peter
Mrs. John Shedd Reed
Louise Stephaich
Frederick W. Turner
Martin Zausner

Contributor (up to $499)
James Aspros
Laura Bedford
Karen Boxer
Elliot Brownstein
David G. Budinger
James L. Buttenweiser
Daniel and Laurie Colon
Patricia Connolly
Helen M. Corroon
Kenneth and Jan Duvall
Grant Esterling
Peter A. Gallett
Alexandra and Robert Goelet
Bonnie Gruner
Gloria Hammack
Arnuad J. Isnard
Anthony Keats
Diane J. Larsen
Alan Lawrence
Paul Le Beau
Lewis Lispsey
Thomas A Van Metter, M.D.
Charles A. Myers
Kenneth and Barbara Orski
Janet Redeker
Marvin Zonis and Lucy Salenger
Jackie Stewart
J. Anthony Terrell